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Social Media  as it should be

Inspired by healthy real-life communities:  Amplifying respect over hate. 

Encouraging truthfulness, 

not self-censorship. 


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Be Yourself

All posts, comments and even messages can be sent anonymous – your choice.

You can always hold others accountable by blocking offenders in 2 clicks.

No reasons to self-censor, but every reason to show respect ❤️. Like we do in real life 😃

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Optimized for Your Well-Being

We removed the 'Read' status, Follower counts & useless notification spam.

Up/Downvotes & Blocks are anonymous by default. Leave rabbit holes to rabbits 🐇, and doom-scrolling to other apps🐦.

Accountable Media

Identifying fake news is hard! We've made it easy to find context & other opinions. And we partnered with for entirely independent journalist reviews.

So you know what you share!

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Healthy Algorithms

Like real life communities, our algorithm amplifies respect, without rejecting free speech.  Haters & liars should be isolated & ignored, not first amplified, then censored! 


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Social Media as it should be
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